Objekt Studio’s philosophy is to explore new and creative techniques of architecture. We thrive on challenging the status quo to advance the boundaries of design and construction. We aim to produce a product that is aesthetically pleasing yet functional. Our goal is to interpret our client’s vision and transform it into an extraordinary object. 

Client Statment

  “We bought a property on a well-traveled boulevard with the intent of creating a contemporary designed space that would serve as our building company’s headquarters. Our criterion was that it have innovative designs, use current and new products but still be both warm and functional for our staff. After several interviews of architects, we were fortunate to find a small and very creative firm that understood our intent. We were presented several schemes and one was selected and executed. The process was difficult only in that the details were hard to accomplish by normal methods, but the architect stayed with us all the way, from engineering, permitting and through the detailed and sometimes complex building process. But the result is award winning in that the space became a landmark in our area and it clearly represents what we can accomplish as builders. Our overall intent of having a landmark yet intimate space was accomplished as the architect was able to manage the project to its building and landscape completion. Our result, because of his involvement, was more than expected.”  


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